What materials cannot be engraved?

Some metals and plastics give off toxic fumes or melt from being heated from the laser. PVC, soft and/or thin plastics, chromium, and nickel emit toxic fumes and/or melt when heated at engraving temperatures. If you're unsure of the material an item you want engraved is made of, contact us and we'll verify the material.

Are there limitations for designs?

The only limitations for designs are to the size of the material. You can put any design you want. You can also have any profanities other than slurs, of course.

What if there is an error with my engraving?

As long as the error was not due to a mispelling or non-software/machine error after final approval is given, then the item and engraving fee will be refunded or replaced. Please be sure to double-check the proofs sent to you for any spelling or design errors. Sometimes we miss it even after double-checking ourselves.

Can you engrave in color?

No, we unfortunately cannot engrave in color. However, if you would like, the engraved area can be painted if it's wood or plastic.

How are the engraving prices figured?

Inscrible provides very affordable engraving prices. Typically, our prices sit at $10 per item engraved. This does not include shipping fees or applied tax. If your item is a much larger item or requires extra items that allow for the item to be engraved, then the engraving fee will be slightly higher depending on the design size, material size, and material type.

How long does it take to have something engraved?

Engraving times vary by material and item size. However, most items are completed within three days of the item being received. The entire process of shipping, engraving, and delivering takes about an average of 7 to 10 days.